Social Media Policy

MITSUI KINZOKU TRADING CO., LTD.(the “Company”) promote the proper usage of social media based on these principles.
The Company employees, thoroughly abide by the following rules for participating in social media:

  1. We fully understand the characteristic of social media such as "Information instantaneously transferred to unspecified number of users,""Hard to delete information completely once published."
  2. We abide by relevant laws and The Company internal regulations. We respect and prevent from infringing copyrights, trademarks and other third-party rights.
  3. We will respect the proprietary information and privacy.
  4. We will commit faithful and responsible behavior and never publish information that is inaccurate or harmful to third parties.

To Customers, Clients and Those Who Participate in Social Media

Please note that infomation stated by The Company employees in social media do not reflect official announcements or views of The Company. For our official announcements and views, please refer to the respective Mitsui Kinzoku Group official website and the press releases.