Electronic Materials


It goes without saying that semiconductor is evolving day by day and to support next-generation devices.
Providing electronic materials for these cutting edge devices and wide variety of prodcuts.

Copper foil

[Main use]

  • Semiconductor Package Substrate
  • High Speed Digital
  • Flexible Printed Circuit
  • High Density Interconnect
Copper foil Img

Sputtering target

  • ITO Target
  • IGZO Target
  • Cylindrical Target

Sputtering target01Img

Sputtering target02Img

Rare earth

  • Yttrium oxide
  • Various other rare earth products
Rare earth Img

Rare metal

  • Tantalum oxide
  • Niobium oxide
Rare metal Img


Copper foil Materials Sales Department
Sputtering target Rare earth, Rare metal Engineered materials Sales Department

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