Message from Top Management Management Philosophy


Message from Top Management

Yes, We can.

We, MITSUI KINZOKU TRADING CO., LTD. are the only trading company within MITSUI MINING & SMELTING CO., LTD. group.
MITSUI MINING & SMELTING CO., LTD. invests 100% of their capital in us.
Our mission is to keep up with the ever changing industrial economy while making sure we meet everyone of your needs.
We hope to grow with you as a center for infomation which provides no only products but also the latest market information.

President & CEO
KATODA Toshihiro

Management Philosophy of the Mitsui Kinzoku Group

With creativity and productivity, We, MMS Group,
will explore products of value to society, and seek an eternal growth of our group.


Material Intelligence

1. Our Social Mission

We shall contribute to society by providing valuable products.

2.Self-Awareness and Social Responsibility as a Member of our Corporate Group

We shall always be mindful of our role as a member of the Mitsui Kinzoku Group and act with dignity and responsibility, while positively conducting social action programs by facilitating communication with all stakeholders.

3. Compliance

We shall comply with domestic and international laws and regulations as well as our company’s regulations, and shall act in accordance with the conscience of our society.

4.Fair Business Activities

We shall conduct appropriate business activities based on free and fair competition.
We shall also maintain healthy and transparent relationships with political parties and factions, the government, and business partners, while making sure not to get involved in corruption.

5. Rejection of Antisocial Forces

We shall resolutely confront antisocial forces and organizations and thoroughly prohibit all relationships with them.

6. Proactive Information Disclosure and Comprehensive Information Management

We shall proactively and fairly disclose corporate information and comprehensively protect and manage confidential information, including personal and customer information.

7. Contribution to the Natural Environment

We shall address environmental issues to help realize a sustainable society.

8. Provision of Comfortable Work Environment

We shall provide a safe and comfortable work environment that respects the human rights, personalities, and uniqueness of our employees, while providing a place where a diverse range of human resources can play an active role.

9.Demonstration of Leadership by Senior Management

Top management shall recognize that it is their responsibility to realize the spirit of this code, and act on their own responsibility while demonstrating leadership.