Privacy Policy

1. Concept for protection of personal information

To facilitate operation of its businesses, MITSUI KINZOKU TRADING CO., LTD.(the “Company”) has acquired and used your personal information including your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. The Company recognizes that it has an important obligation to protect this personal information, and to fulfill this obligation it handles personal information under the following policies.

  1. The Company shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and regulations in Japan that apply to personal information, and shall handle the same appropriately pursuant to customs related to the handling of personal information that are generally recognized as fair and appropriate. Also, the Company shall take steps to improve the methods of handling as necessary.
  2. The Company shall set out the regulations related to the handling of personal information clearly and make them known thoroughly among its employees. The Company shall also require its suppliers and associates to handle personal information appropriately.
  3. Personal information shall be disclosed after specifying the purpose(s) of use, and shall be handled in accordance with the purpose(s) of use.
  4. The Company shall take the action necessary to preventing personal information from being leaked, lost, altered, etc. and shall manage personal information appropriately.
  5. With respect to the personal information in its possession, the Company shall accept requests for disclosure, correction, deletion and termination of use from the individual himself/herself at the specified point of contact (Public Relations Office) and shall deal with these requests sincerely.
  6. Matters indicated in each of the above items regarding handling of personal information shall be reviewed and improved as necessary.

2. Purposes of use

The Company shall use your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. Business communications
  2. Performance of a contract (provision of products, services and others)
  3. Informing you about products and services handled by the Company and its Group companies
  4. Informing you about seminars and exhibitions held by the Company and its Group companies
  5. Requesting responses to questionnaires on customer satisfaction and others
  6. Responding to your inquiries and requests
  7. Other purposes deemed reasonably necessary for performing the business tasks of the Company
  8. Other information that has been publicized in advance

Group companies refer to companies of which 20 percent or more of the voting rights of all shareholders are possessed by the Company, either directly or indirectly. The Company could use personal information jointly with Group companies.

The Company sometimes outsources a part of its tasks in order to perform businesses smoothly, and entrust your personal information to the outsourced party within the scope necessary. In this case, the Company will select outsourced parties that meet the standards stipulated by the Company, while also concluding a contract regarding the handling of personal information and supervising the outsourced parties appropriately.

3. Purposes of use other than the above

If the Company needs to use your personal information for purposes other than those indicated in “2. Purposes of use,” it will obtain your consent except when the use is permitted by laws and regulations in Japan.

4. Disclosure and provision to a third party

The Company will not disclose or provide your personal information to any third party except when it is used jointly with Group companies or entrusted to outsourced parties as indicated in “2. Purposes of use,” and when any of the following applies:

  1. When your consent has been obtained in person
  2. When disclosed or provided in a form that does not allow an individual to be identified, such as for statistical data
  3. When disclosure or provision has been requested pursuant to laws and regulations
  4. When it is necessary to protect human life or property and it is difficult to obtain your consent
  5. When it is necessary to cooperate with national or local public bodies in the performance of public duties and asking for your consent could hinder the performance of those duties

5. Contacting point for enquiries on personal information

Should you have any question regarding your personal information or wish to request disclosure, correction, termination of use, deletion and others of your personal information, please Inquiry at the following.

For inquiries about personal information, contact:
MITSUI KINZOKU TRADING CO., LTD. International Sales Department TEL:+81-3-5819-9049